About Us

About Café Kacao

Café Kacao has been the dream of the Del Cid Family for close to a decade at the heart of the family is Veronica Del Cid, who since her young years has been taught recipes that have been passed from generation to generation.

It is now that our dream finally becomes a reality, the dream of being able to share our unique flavors, heritage, and culture through our food.

Come and Join us for a wonderful experience from start to finish!


Why did we name our restaurant Café Kacao?

About 2 years ago when we were talking about a name for our restaurant we wanted a name that represented and or defined our culture as whole. After several discussions we decided to call it Café Kacao.

“Kacao” comes from the word “Cacao” which is chocolate.

The first people known to have made chocolate were the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. These people, including the Maya and Aztec, mixed ground cacao seeds with various seasonings to make a spicy, frothy drink.

The Mayans and Aztecs prized the cacao bean so much that they decided to use it as their form of currency:

1 small rabbit = 30 cacao beans
1 turkey egg = 3 cacao beans
1 large tomato = 1 cacao bean

It wasn’t until later that they realized the flavor that this seed contained and started to drink it. The drink was only reserved for royalty because of its value; royal storehouses had vaults full of this currency.

Guatemala continues to be one of the largest exporters of the “cacao” bean.

We felt that the cacao bean represents the start of the economy of not just of Guatemala but of central and south America as well. The cacao allowed these countries to have one currency to promote trade and growth.

We can’t keep ourselves from adding our own twist so we decided to use the letter “K” to give it a twist.